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BenchTop Model 602 U

Ethylene CO2 Gas Analyzer

  • Analyzes Ethylene and CO2 in online/bench applications
  • Portable, battery operated (optional)
  • Range: 0.01 to 20% CO2 and 0.1 to 500 ppm Ethylene
  • Built-in sample pump, probe
  • Economically priced
  • 0-5 V dc / 4-20 mA analog outputs and data logging available.

  • Single room Ripening Chambers
  • Agriculture Universities
  • Food packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packing..
  • Controlled atmospheres.

Oxygen is highly degrading gas for various packaging applications. A modified atmosphere packaging depends heavily on package integrity and efficiency of the packaging machine. Oxygen measurements with the Model 602µ can be done using a small probe which has a needle and low volume for detection of oxygen when package size very small. The same unit can be attached to the nitrogen generator system for continuous monitoring of purity of nitrogen produced. With the Model 602µ routine check of packages can scan defective packaging seal or sealing equipment, increasing the efficiency of your packaging line.

The Model 602µ can be used in all food processing and storage applications, including meats, fresh produce, dairy products. The sensor is unaffected by high levels of background gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The Model 602µ can be applied where mixtures are used and the desired oxygen level is very high (25 to 100%). It has a rugged electrochemical sensor having a continuous life of more than 2 years. It is no response towards hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide typical to the food processing and storage industry.

In many modified and controlled atmosphere applications nitrogen is used for flushing to remove as much oxygen as possible from the package or the cold rooms/warehouses to extend shelf life of various perishable commodities. Depending on the commodity, maximum oxygen level can vary greatly, from 0.1 % to 5% or even higher.

The Model 602µ is a bench top unit housed in a standard rack mounted metal enclosure. The analyzer can be configured for continuous monitoring of sample stream of nitrogen. Due to its low cost the instrument is ideal for O.E.M manufacturers for value addition their generators. The instrument is provided with two analog outputs (0-5 Vdc and 4-20mA) and two relay contacts for high alarm and low alarm for any process control if required.


Sampling Pump
The Model 602µ has a built-in pump which can be programmed through software for ON and OFF times. Manual control is also provided in the system.

Sampling Probe
Sample is drawn through various options. For online measurement the instrument has an moisture filter in series with sensor so that the sensor is protected from unwanted moisture and dust. The instrument also has an attachment which consists of a probe, a needle connected to a small diameter Teflon tubing. The complete volume of the assembly is very less so that minute quantity of gas is required for sampling.

Technical Specifications:
Power Source Rechargeable 9 Volts Battery OR 230 V AC Adapter
Display 16x2 LCD with Backlight
Keypad 4 keys simple user for friendly operation
Calibration Electronic calibration with password protect and diagnostics for sensor depletion and recalibration.
Choice of Sensors with O2 CO2 (0-5, 20,100 %), Ethylene (0-500 ppm)
Alarm outputs High Alarm and Low Alarm (Visual and 90db buzzer)
User Configurable Relay Output Two NO/NC Solid state relay contacts for each of alarms for process control
Analogue Outputs 0-2 volts and 4-20 mA
Dimensions 10” x 10” x 7”
Optional Accessories
Data Logging & Analysis Software Capture, Transfer & Report Data On PC. Adjustable Sample (Up to 10000) & Rate(1-255 sec)
Built In Thermal Printer Instant Record Of measurement Reading
Built In Sampling Pump A quite and rugged miniature sampling pump to draw or suck the gas from the process
Sample Probe Ultra low volume probe with needle for applications were low volume of gas needs to be measured.

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