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Gas Chromatograph - Model 1045

The Gas Chromatograph - Model 1045 is 16 Bit micro controller based instrument with 40x4 alphanumeric LCD display with back light for Injector, Column Oven, Detector and all heated zones temperature indications. It has a built in 24 bit high resolution data integrator A/D board with sampling frequency upto 20 Hz It is having injection system suitable for analysis of Gas sample and liquid samples on packed/capillary columns using Thermal Conductivity and Flame Ionization Detectors. The data system has complete control of instrument conditions. Complete runtime display of chromatograms, quantification of analysis. It has advance options of storage and processing analytical data.

  • Micro-controller Based complete PC control of instrument
  • Single detector configuration
  • Built in CSL Data Processor station ver 1.3
  • Dimensions: ll"x 15" x 15" (inches)
  • Weight: Less than 10 Kg's

Low cost specific for SSI units and Educational institutes
  • Manual Gas sampling Valve
  • Methanator

What makes it affordable?
Chemtron has been designing low cost gas chromatographs for over a decade. Chemtron has team of highly skilled and experience R&D department which consists of chemists and engineer's who have been developing these instruments specially for small scale industries, collage's and educational institutional which could not afford these analytical instruments. The complete system is made in house which includes the complete instrument consisting of Detectors, Columns, Pneumatics, Chassis, Electronics and also the Data integration software and its 24 Bit A/D board.

  • Chassis : All aluminium Chassis
  • Column Oven : All S.S with heat insulation and aluminium cover
  • Oven Volume : 6 lits for Model 1045 and 9 ltrs for Model 2045
  • Detectors : TCD, FID, FPD,HID,ECD,PID,NPD(with choice of over detectors)
  • Max Temperature : Ambient to 450 deg.C
  • Ramps : 1 deg to 40 deg/min Ramps are loaded from PC.
  • Injection Port : upto 3 for as per requirement. (One Capillary split/splitless with FID) Optional auto gas smapling valve.
  • Max Temperature : 350 deg C


  • Jet : Stainless Steel
  • Max Temperature : 420 deg C
  • Igniter : Ignite from software
  • Zero Control : Fine zero pot on the front panel
  • Detection limit : 1 ppm of methane (primary hydrocarbon)

  • Type : A gold plated filament
  • Temperature : 220 deg. C
  • Sensitivity : High, Low by switch on front panel
  • Zero Control : Fine zero pot on the front panel
  • Sensitivity : 50 ppm of hydrogen/helium in argon carrier gas.

Data Intergartion Software
To make the Gas Chromatographs cost effective and at par with international standards, Chemtron has been developing its own preparatory data integration software. The software is equipped with all necessary algorithms and latest techniques to process analytical data. The software has complete control of the instrument parameters such as pneumatics, heated zones and control of external devices like auto gas sampling valves. The A/D board has a resolution of 24 bits and with the sampling frequency upto 20 Hz ensures accurate peak detection.
  • Channels : Dual Channels for two detectors
  • Resolution : 24 bit with sampling frequency at 20 Hz
  • Range : 0-5.0 Volts
  • Minimum Scale : 0 to 1 mV
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